Air Permitting

While requirements vary from local codes to federal programs, Amerigo can provide assistance on all aspects of the air permitting process. Our clients are industrial operators subject to permitting requirements upon the construction or modification of a site. An applicable site's emission sources must comply with permitting requirements that generally include ambient air quality impact assessments, emission sources quantification, regulatory compliance demonstrations and air quality dispersion modeling; this is where we come in.

Amerigo has prepared and approved permit applications across Texas, Colorado and North Dakota, with industry experience focused towards upstream/midstream oil and gas facilities. From true minor source to Title V operating permits, we have been successful in exceeding client expectations and ensuring the delivery of accurate and flexible permits for industry.

Amerigo's air permitting services include:

  • Federal New Source Review (NSR) for new/modified sources

  • Non-attainment NSR for new/modified major sources

  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) for new/modified major sources

  • Title V Operating Permits for major or "affected sources"

  • State and local air permitting

Amerigo permitting strengths:

  • ProMax - all sites modeled with ProMax models where appropriate

  • Over ten years of collective experience with midstream/upstream clients

  • Excellent facility and field based knowledge translating to better communication with client

  • Presence in the Gulf Coast

  • Experience with Small and Large Regulated Entities