Emissions Reporting

Annual air emissions inventories of criteria and toxic pollutants are a common requirement in both EPA and local regulations. An accurate accounting of emissions is also necessary for payment of annual permit fees to state and local regulatory agencies. Amerigo has conducted emissions inventories for facilities including fugitive, mobile, point, area, and line sources. Our team compiles the emissions data, factors, and calculations to satisfy the reporting requirements for the reporting entity. The reporting process can vary from basic spreadsheet tracking to syncing calculation tools with complex, real time facility databases.  

Amerigo's emissions reporting services include:

  • Evaluating site emission sources and determining emission factors most appropriate

  • Completing dispersion modeling analyses for applicable sources

  • Compiling the emission inventory for reporting and prepare all required documentation to satisfy the regulatory agency's process

  • Reviewing areas for improvement on the client's behalf - data quality sources, permitting mechanisms or thresholds, and permit compliance