Greenhouse Gas Program

Amerigo has worked with clients since the onset of Subpart W of the EPA’s Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR). With an in-depth understanding of the regulation, we actively develop and support GHG programs tailored to the operator. This process requires comprehensive knowledge of facilities, operations, and Subpart W applicability.

The MRR continues to receive significant attention as the USEPA emphasizes its efforts to capture and better understand industry footprints. This results in more data reporting requirements and potential new reporting sectors within Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems. We offer expertise in the EPA eGGRT reporting system and the large effort required to calculate mass emissions.

Amerigo GHG services include:

  • Annual mass emission calculating and submittal through eGGRT

  • Facility applicability and existing program audits

  • Inventory management and eGGRT reporting

  • GHG Monitoring plans (GMP)

  • Optical gas imaging surveys with FLIR GF320; including daily reporting